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South Park location
South Park Elementary
Type Public School
First "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"
  • Your Getting Old
  • Ash and Blood (cameo)

South Park Elementary is the fictional school in South Park . It is one of the oldest known locations on the show, and has appeared in two incarnations

New SchoolEdit

The school appeared as level 2 in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! and A New Game where Stan , Kyle and Cartman fight off a horde of Ginger kids and Hippies. In "Butt Out" the school was burnt down after Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny had been smoking. They tried to hide their cigarettes from Mr. Mackey and threw them in the dumpster without putting them out. The dumpster then caught fire and burnt down the school. It has the same sort of classrooms (which haven't seemed to change) and same offices. The only differences are the changed cafeteria and the outside of the school (the windows have panes, the door seems to now have a handle, and the colors are brighter although this could be an animation affect.) In "The List", Kyle wanted to burn down the school because of all the bullying and taunting but luckily Wendy and Stan stopped him before he could carry out his act.