I'm just going to continue frrom where I started from, since I'm not bothered to repeat again, the show started in 2011

Season 2Edit

The rest where all on SP Fanon Wiki, so I'm gonna put where I started from before.

Screenshot Title Productione Code #
Shane Marks
Our Band 203 22
The boys start a rock band.
Shane Marks
The Assassin 204 23
The boys get obsesed with Assassins Creeds and starts pretinding thier assassins.
Shane Marks
Welcome Back Harry 206 24
Eric finds out Jack Ternoman isn't his father and finds out that his father is Harry Cartman.
Shane Marks
Gary Harrison V Stan Marsh 207 25
Garry is still in South Park, Stan tries to talk him in to moving. Worse, Garry dates Wendy's Twin Sister, Stan challenges him to a fight.
Shane Marks
Teaching Kids About Culture Starts Hatred 211 26
The kids get in to mexican culture and the parents teach them about culture, so they begin hatind each other.
Shane Marks
Ike's Choice 212 27
Ike turns 5 and decides to live 5 years in Canada with his parents.
Shane Marks
Shane & Kenny 213 28
The boys are sick, so Shane and Kenny begin to interact more.
Shane Marks
Fan's of L.O.L 215 29
Larry Orment Lander comes to South Park, as they all hate him the go over to get him removed.
Shane Marks
First Non Secret Anniversary 216 30
Liane and Harry Cartman celebrate thier first non secret anniversary. Eric plots to kill Ceasre Milan.
Shane Marks
Triplet Sisters of Wendy 218 31
Wendy and her twin Janet, see that thier triplet Sisters are comming to South Park. Wendy doesn't know how to cope with them.

Season 3Edit

Screenhot Title Production No. #
Shane Marks
Wendy's Other Fight 301 32
Wendy gets into a fight with Hayley
Shane Marks
A Vicky Party 302 33
Thanks to the Girls, Principal Victoria quits and starts partying.
Shane Marks
How's Ike, I mean Peter? 303 34
Peter(Ike) is living with his 1 brother and 2 sisters in a house. Ike is filming this.
Dan Dan Marks: A CIA Assassin 304 35
Dan Marks tells his story of being a CIA assassin.
Shane Marks
Jade Marks 305 36
After being kidnapped in England, Shane's sister Jade Marks returns.
Shane Marks
Mass Revenge 306 37
Stan and Kyle are scared when Butters blackmails them.
Shane Marks
Afraid of Failing 307 39
Kenny is failing English, so the boys tutor him.
Shane Marks
File A Complaint 308 40
Shane files a complaint on the Xbox 360 all lot of times and he tries to sue Bill Gates.
Shane Marks
I Think She's Got It 309 41
Kyle teaches a retarded 3rd Grader.
Shane Marks
Eric Comedy 310 42
After making a rasisct joke and making Shane and Token laugh. Eric becomes a comedian. Andrew doesn't think so.
Shane Marks
Bebe's Nuts For Bridon 311 43
Bebe begins to have affections for Bridon and he does to. How is she going to explain this to Kyle?
Karate Shane I Kick, You Scream 312 44
The 5th Graders do Karate, Shane seems to be on top. They get Trent Boyyet and Ross Bacthelor.
Shane Marks
Terrance and Phillip: Medal Farts 313 46
After getting a call from Ike, Sheila and Gerrald go to watch Terrance and Phillip: Medal Farts.
Shane Marks
Eric and The Chocolate Factory 314 47
Eric is promised to not eat all lot of chocolate on the factory trip.
Shane Marks
New Chat 315 48
The Boys are pissed of at the new Facebook chat. So they hack Facebook.

Season 4Edit

Screenshot Title Production Code #
Shane Marks The Big Break Up 301 49
Heidi has been stalking Eric and she loves him, But Eric must dump Francine. Also, Kenny dumps Kelly due to how she can't let go off him.
Shane Marks Hanky's Little Helpers 302 50
The boys compete to being Hanky's Little Helper and shocked to find out the winner.
Shane Marks The Thanksgiving Problem 303 51
South Park learns that the Marks don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so they try get them to celebrate which drives them out of town.
Shane Marks An Epic Show 304 52

Eric finds out that Hitler lost Epic Rap Battles of History against Hitler twice and he goes to kill them, Heidi has to stop him.

Shane Marks No Shane, No Main Focus 305 53
Shane leaves The Boys and goes to Craig Gang and try to get him back, which fails, Shane states what is wrong with them.
Shane Marks Stop Breaking Walls 306 54
Craig's Gang are annoyed at shows breaking the Fourth wall every time.
Shane Marks Hayley's New Group 307 55
After The Girls seperate themeselves, Hayley has no other group. After, she meets 3 new people at the group.
Shane Marks May the Best Gunman Win 308 56
Dan and Jimbo have a fight to prove who is the best gunman ever.
Shane Marks The Can't Be Screwed Shane 309 57
Shane prank calls Eric and Eric plots to get revenge, but doesn't work out at all.
Shane Marks Insult Fight 310 58
As Kevin is getting bullied by Chloe Kenedy but Jade backs him and then an insult fight starts up.
Shane Marks Doubles Tenis Competition 311 59
Craig's Gang and Sonny's Gang all play in doubles tenis competition.
Shane Marks Cyle, The Jelous, Shane, The Defuser 312 60
Cylde is jelous of Shane because he can defuse bombs. Before being jelous Cyle reads the Donovan History. Then Cylde inavertadly pulls a large bomb on South Park.
Shane Marks Ban on Creativity 313 61
Because of stunt that Kyle and Stan copied of from "Kickin' It" and becoming injured. The Parents protest about the creavity that is comming to children's mind and then ban creavity.
Shane Marks Street Racer 314 62
Shane's Chinise Friend comes to South Park and wants to be a street racer. Craig's Gang help him to prepare for his match against Kenny.
Shane Marks The Attack on Gypsy Weddings 315 63
After South Park gets roamed with Fat Gypsy Weddings, Craig's Gang want to attack the next one.


Screenshot Title Production Code #
Shane Marks British Future S01 64
Shane, Andrew, and Pip go to a convention and notice thier lives would be better in UK. So they all head to UK to school. Then after getting annoyed with the people asking them to buy thier food, they want to leave.
Shane Marks Nutmeg Rush S02 65
A reporter introdouces everyone into Nutmeg Rush and then every kid in the school is bruised. Craig's Gang try to stop it.

Season 5Edit