South Park character
Molly jones
Molly Jones
Gender Female
Hair Dirty Blond
Birthday April 3
Age 13
Job student
Voiced by April Stewart
First "My New Crush"
Last "The Ginger Alliance"

Molly Jones is a young Skater Girl at South Park Elementary.


Molly has dirty blond hair and Blue eyes. Molly wears a shirt that says "Sk8r GyRl", grey pants, and no gloves.


Molly likes to skateboard. While Molly doesn't show it as often as the other kids, Molly does get melodramatic at times. She is also shown to have a crush on Andrew's brother Ross. She claims to fantasize of them as a married couple which tends to creep out some of her friends.


  • Molly doesn't go to school dances
  • Molly's favorite music is punk rock