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South Park location
McCormick's house 2
McCormick's House
Type Place of Residence
House Number 635 Avenue de los Mexicanos
First "Starvin' Marvin"

McCormick's House resides the McCormick Family.

Exterior AppearanceEdit

The McCormick's house is in fact the clubhouse that Gerald Broflovski and Stuart McCormick built when they were young. It is a very small bungalow with a detached garage and random junk littered around it. It is on the other side of the train tracks and is most often painted a bright green color.

Interior AppearanceEdit

The McCormicks' House is very bare with a minimal amount of furniture and luxuries. They do have a computer maintaining a World of Warcraft subscription, a Sony PSP console and a black-and-white TV with a ColecoVision (although it has been seen to show in colour in "Poor and Stupid"). The four rooms that have been shown are the Dining Room, Kenny's bedroom, Mr. and Mrs Mcormick's bedroom, and the Living Room.

It may not have adequate heating, as Kenny originally only wore his briefs when he slept, though in newer episodes he awakens in his parka (usually after he dies).

List of People that reside hereEdit

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play Edit

Kenny's House is the third level of Tower Defense Play, where the boys attempt to save Kenny from Ginger Kids, Hippies and Gnomes. Once this level is completed Kenny would join the team. This level also had an achievement called "White Trasher" where the player must crush something with the crane in the second section. The achievement's image is Stuart McCormick.

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