South Park location
Marsh's House
Type Place of Residence
House Number 90439
First "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride
Times Too many to be counted
The Marsh's House was the residence of the Marsh Family. It first appeared in the episode "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". and last appeard in "Your Getting Old"

Exterior AppearanceEdit

The Marshes' House is built to the same basic floorplan as most of the other houses. The color of the House varies occasionally but it has been shown as some shade of green most of the time. It has two stories and an attached garage.

Interior AppearanceEdit

The Marshes' House has a front room, which has the dining room in it as well, a kitchen, a bathroom, a basement and at least 4 bedrooms.

List of People that reside hereEdit

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense PlayEdit

Stan's House was the first level in which Cartman warns Stan about the Ginger Kids before they attack. Achievements that could easily be achieved in this level are:

  • Rochambeau: Awarded for using a special ability. Image: Cartman next to an explosion.
  • Couch Potato: Awarded for watching a video in the scrapbook. The extremely obese Cartman from Make Love, Not Warcraft
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