South Park character
Kip Drody
Kip Drordy
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Birthday July 17
Age 7
Job student
Voiced by Trey Parker
First You Have 0 Friends

Kipling Jo "Kip" Drordy, voiced by Trey Parker, is a third grader at South Park Elementary. His first, and so far only, appearance is in "You have 0 Friends" where he is a major character.


Kip seems to be an outcast who has no friends at all. In fact, he went six months on Facebook without a single friend request. As a result, he seemed to suffer from severe depression, and would sit at his computer all day, waiting and praying for a friend request. This changed when Kyle Broflovski felt sorry for him and added him as a result.

Kyle's addition overjoyed Kip who began thinking of Kyle's Facebook friendship as a much deeper thing, and began to address Kyle as his best friend, where sometimes he would wait for hours just staring at his FaceBook page just for Kyle to reply and bring his computer to the movies while taking pictures of himself with Kyle's FaceBook page. He would then proceed to tell his parents all the inane details of their collective Facebook updates.

Unfortunately, Kip's status as a loser negatively affected Kyle who lost all his facebook friends except for Kip and later Stan (who Kyle had to beg to friend him). Eric Cartman meanwhile features Kyle and Kip on his Podcast: Mad Friends, in which he informs Facebook participants to stear clear of Kyle because of his association with Kip. Although reluctant at first, Kyle eventually removes him as a friend, resulting in Kip falling back into his depressed state. However by the end of the episode he had 845,323 friends on Facebook (due to the fact that Stan shut down his profile and transferred his friends to Kip) restoring Kip to be overjoyed. His birthday is July 17, 2003.



Kip after being rejected by Coon and Friends

He has brown hair that is long, scraggly and parted down the middle. He wears a green shirt, and blue shorts. His hair also seems to be receding on the forehead, like his father. He has a slight lisp and, he either has an over-bite or is simply biting on his lower lip. He is also stocky. Overall, Kip Drordy seems to share a resemblance to Rocky Dennis of the film Mask. When depressed he positions himself in the exact same ways a "Crying Clown" poster on his wall.