South Park character
Jennifer "Jenny" Grave
Gender Female
Hair Blond
Age 10
Job student
Voiced by Mona Marshall
First "Double Under Danger"
Last "Halloween in South Park"
Jennifer "Jenny" Washington Grave is a girl who goes to South Park Elementary. She also goes by "Jen". She is considered to be poor like Kenny and is friends with the popular girls like Wendy, Red, Heidi, Laurie and Bebe


Jenny has long golden hair under a pink cap. She wears a blue coat and blue jeans. She is a bit dirty, and carries a backpack around. She wears a necklace with a cross for Religious reasons and she also has a bandage on his face.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jenny is extremely optimistic, almost unaturally so. She fails to see the bad sides of several things as they happen, often only seeing the bad sides upon looking back. She enjoys her friends and any company, and rarely shows deep hatred for many people. She is kind and caring for her friends and always willing to help them, although she can be a bit rude on occasions, rarely intentionally. Her family is poor, and she is often mistaken for a relative of the McCormick family.