South Park character
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees
Gender Male
Hair bald
Job Murderer/Dream Expert
Voiced by Unknown

Jason Voorhees is a fictional mass murderer from the "Friday the 13th" film series, appearing in all twelve films, and being the central antagonist of ten of them. In the first film he is mentioned as a child having died at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958 while the counselors were having sex. During the film, his insane mother began murdering the new camp counselors.. Five years later, Jason escaped the woods attempting to avenge her death during the second through fourth films. In later films, he was a reanimated corpse usually killing trespassers in Crystal Lake's area.

In "Hell on Earth 2006", a man dressed as Jason is seen arriving at Stan's New Years Party. Later in "Imaginationland Episode II", Jason is one of the members of the evil side of Imaginationland who attacks, and is shown with a feminine voice, declaring killing Strawberry Shortcake as "super hardcore". He is killed during the third episode but resurrected and put back behind the wall.

In "Jason Marks The Day" He attacks the Coon and Friends and kills Andrew, who was resurrected shortly after, and kill half the people in South Park (none of them major characters).


  • Jason does not speak in any of the Friday the 13th films, except arguably the ninth while possessing a body.
  • In "Imaginationland", Jason does not look resemble South Park's traditional style, featuring a more stylistic look about him, like rival Freddy Krueger, who also appears.