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South Park character
Gerald Broflovski
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Birthday October 4
Age 37
Job Lawyer
Religion Jewish
Voiced by Matt Stone
First "Starvn' Marvin"

Gerald Moisha Broflovski is a character in the animated series South Park. He is Kyle Broflovski's father (named after Matt Stone's father, Gerald W. Stone), and he is a lawyer.


He wears a magenta yarmulke, a khaki jacket with a blue shirt underneath, and forest green trousers. He has brown hair with sideburns and a full beard trimmed into a point at the chin and shaved alongside the lips so that his mustache does not connect. He has never been seen without his yarmulke on, except in the episode Major Boobage which confirms that he is balding. The fact that he is always seen wearing it also implies that he practices Orthodox Judaism.

For special occasion, Gerald's outfit and yarmulke is in black and dark grey color.


Gerald seems to be the most caring and rational of all the male parents in South Park. He is concerned with Kyle learning about moral values, and about the environment and current events. He is typically portrayed to be kind and friendly, though he can be stubborn, sarcastic and impolite at times.

Gerald Broflovski suffers from impotence. Though it's implied that he is simply no longer attracted to Sheila it may be the reason why Ike is an adoptee.

In the episode Red Man's Greed, he confesses to Randy that he has a gambling problem.

In "Major Boobage", it is revealed that he used to get high off of cat urine when he was ten years younger. His wife may have conceived Kyle while he was addicted.

in "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" it is revealed he loves dolphins


Gerald is a lawyer and a member of City Council as the city attorney. He has handled such legal matters as Getting Chef's name put on the album for Stinky Britches in Chef Aid. He also helped Eric Cartman to successfully sue Stan after he called him an "Ass sucker". Then everyone started suing each other, causing the school to go bankrupt. In the episode "Major Boobage", he gets a law passed that cats are to be illegal in South Park.