South Park character
Edward "Ed" Smith
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 8
Job student
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by Matt Stone
First Bad Clown
Edward "Ed" Smith is Jeffrey's little brother. He made his first appearance in "Bad Clown". Edward is portrayed to be about 7 or 8 years old.

He knows very little of his parents since they were killed when he was only 3. Jeff sent him to a foster home in San Diego for 3 years until he moved in with Jeff and his Aunt at the Smith Manor, and revealed to spend most of his time in the game room, which is said to contain over 1,200 video game with 7 different game stations. He was seen walking to class after getting his books from his locker, in "Bad Clown". He was seen and first revealed he is Jeff's little brother in "Noob Undercover".