South Park character
Cameron Maverick
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Birthday January 18
Died "Stranded"
Age 10 (deceased)
Job Student
Voiced by Trey Parker
First "Coon and Friends: The Movie"
Last "Stranded"
Cameron Maverick is a background character in South Park: A New Era. He makes his first major appearance in Coon and Friends: The Movie.


Cameron wheres a greyish colored hooded sweatshirt and baggy brown pants. Under his sweatshirt he has a white T-shirt hiding his wings (revealing him to be, The Golden Hawk). He was seen wearing a leather jacket in "Stranded" and "Bad Clown".


Cameron is a heroic and leader type of kid. He has been seen in the lunch room talking to other kids (unknown who

Cameron (The Golden Hawk) on his last CAF adventure

they are). He helps out Coon and Friends by defeating the Red Russian Robot. Shortly after, Mysterion and The Black One ask him to join them. Cameron accepts, and fights allong side them in Coon and Friends: Fly To The Moon and Coon and Friends: Coon Rules All. He is revealed to be a foster kid and has no idea what happened to his real parents. Cameron is known for being the fourth Coon and Friends member to have REAL superpowers, after The Black One , Mint-Berry Crunch and Mysterion. He has made a few cameo appearances after Coon and Friends.


In "Stranded" he was attacked by a bear and ripped his wings from his back. He died from starvation after being stranded on an Island with the boys.


  • The Ballad of Coon and Friends
  • The Nearly People
  • Escape to Utah
  • Ash and Blood
  • The Call to Flordia (never finished)